At this point, you have probably conducted some research of your own and reached the conclusion that you are interested in getting a pet sitter to visit your home, as well as get regular walks for your pet while you are away. What you are probably wondering at this point is why you should choose us to take care of your needs for you. Some of the things that we feel help us to stand out have been listed below:

  • We don’t judge your pet or you. We know you might be the kind of person who doesn’t follow every single rule in the book – and that’s okay! If you want to treat your pet like royalty or the same way that you would treat a human baby, that is completely up to you. We will treat your animal the exact same way that you would, because we are understanding and open minded.
  • If you are the type of person who treats their pet like a regular pet, we understand that as well. We know that you want to have a controlled and consistent relationship with your furry friend. We will follow and enforce any training or rules that you use with them
  • We are proud to offer customized service to both pets and their owners. We understand that every home environment, every pet and every pet parent is different and may need a specialized blend of services. We are completely flexible, depending on your needs.
  • We don’t take ourselves over-seriously, but don’t get us wrong. We will take the comfort, safety and care of your pets extremely seriously. Our first priority when caring for your home and your pet will be to make sure that we maintain these priorities. We are both reliable and responsible.
  • We understand how important your time and your trust is. We strive to answer any inquires that you may have as soon as we can, no matter if you are a current client who wants to check in on your pet or simply an interested prospective client who might want to schedule a first time appointment.

These are some of the unique qualities that make us a notch above the competition, however, we do have some other things that make us a good choice as well:

  • We are licensed, bonded and insured
  • We are Red Cross Pet First Aid/CPR certified
  • We are an official member of Professional United Pet Sitters
  • We are a member of Pet Sitters International
  • We are one of only a few Officially Certified Professional Pet Sitters in the area by Pet Sitters International
  • We love all pets!

Please check out our dog walking and pet sitting rates and services page for more detailed information about our services.

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