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House Sitting or Home Security Check

No Pets?  We also offer Home Security checks which include: rotating lights, bringing in your mail and packages and watering plants. We also check windows on our first visit to make sure they are locked and check for any broken windows, etc. each visit.

From a small apartment to a large home, Frisco Pet Sitting will make sure your home is secure while you travel.

For home owners needing: House Sitting
or Home Security Checks
Available 7 Days/Week

House Sitting Includes:

  • Rotating Lights
  • Brining in Mail & Packages
  • Watering Plants
  • Checking/Securing Windows

Rates: (Prices are PER VISIT)


Visit Duration:

Each visit is for up to 15 minutes.

If you have numerous plants requiring care please note that the fee will be $20/$25 per 15 minutes and the length of time and fee will be at the discretion of Frisco Pet Sitting.