Pet Sitting Rates:

Pet sits are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning at 8:00 a.m., with the final day’s visit scheduled at 8:00 p.m.
Meet and Greet Consultation (Required prior to start of service)
30 – 60 minutes
Cost: FREE!
At this visit we can complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, and tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.  We will also pick up payment for service at this time (cash, check or PayPal and we will be happy to provide you with a receipt.) Please schedule your Meet and Greet at least 72 hours before you’d like service to start.

Standard Pet Sitting Visit
Cost:   Starting at $21
Ideal for a walk or potty break and some exercise, cuddles, and  playtime for up to 3 dogs or cats. Includes feeding, fresh water, and litter box scooping / poop scooping. We recommend 3 visits per day for dogs, and one visit per day for cats. The Regular Pet Sitting Visit is also ideal for those who work long hours or take day trips and would like their dogs to have a potty break mid-day.
Additional Pets
In addition to the fees stated above, there is a $2.00 charge per additional cat and $3.00 per additional dog. The additional cost for caged animals requiring care beyond feeding and fresh water (i.e. cage cleaning, bathing, etc.) is $3.00 per pet. Exotics, farm animals, and other animals may incur additional fees depending on the level of care they require. We will pet sit for up to four dogs and eight cats.

Work Day Dog Walks/Visits

Pet owners needing dog visits
Between 11am-2pm
Weekdays: MON-FRI

This Service Includes:

  • Up to a 20 Minute
    Walk or Visit
  • Refresh water bowl
  • Yummy biscuit & belly rubs!

Pet Taxi/Transportation Service

Pet Taxi/Transporation
7 Days/Week – Some Holidays Excluded

We can help!

  • Last minute scheduling conflicts
  • Working late, can’t get to the vet
  • Doggie day-care pick-up/drop-offs
  • Basically when you

House Sitting or Home Security Check

House Sitting or
Home Security Checks
Available 7 Days/Week

House Sitting Includes:

  • Rotating Lights
  • Brining in Mail & Packages
  • Watering Plants
  • Checking/Securing Windows

Billing Schedule:

Clients’ visits/walks are totaled and billed at the end of each month.

Holiday Fees
Cost:     $10 additional per visit
There is an additional $10 per-visit charge on Holidays (New Year’s Eve, New Years’ Day, Easter, Memorial Day Weekend -Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday- Independence Day, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day).

Payment in full is due prior to the start of service. No exceptions. 
Cancellation Policy
Holidays – Regardless of when service is booked, payment in full is charged for holidays and billed at the Holiday rate.
Overnights – We require two weeks’ notice of cancellation for overnight service. Otherwise payment in full is required.
All Other Days: Please cancel within 48 hours of scheduled service. Any visits not cancelled within that 48 hour window will be charged the full rate.


When you become a client of Your Frisco Pet Sitting, we will continually strive to delight you and your pets with our service. Our top-notch professional service includes the following:
Rates & Services
  • We come to your home where your pets are comfortable in their familiar surroundings.
  • We provide potty breaks and walks for dogs, and litter-box cleaning for kitties, (cage cleaning too, see details below!)
  • Fresh food and water for your pets according to your instructions.
  • Medication, if needed
  • We take in the mail and water plants.
  • We always clean up after your dog either in your yard or on our walks.
  • Litter box scooping.
  • Complete custom care for your reptiles, fish, birds, and small mammals.
  • A written report of every visit so you know how everything went.
  • Daily text messages to your phone upon request.
  • Abundant love, cuddles, and playtime are included with every visit.
  • And more! Talk to us about your specific needs!