Dog Walking Service

Work Day Dog Walks/Visits

Today’s fast paced world of last minute meetings and long workdays doesn’t always make it easy to get home in time to walk your dog.Your solution is here – a mid-day dog walk/potty break.

This service provides your dog with companionship, exercise, and playtime during the day. A mid-day visit/walk also helps to decrease accidents, especially for puppies and the older dog, and makes your pet’s day seem shorter!

Frisco Pet Sitting Servces the communities of Allen, McKinney, East Frisco, North Plano

For pet owners needing dog visits:
Between 11am-2pmWeekdays: MON-FRI

This Service Includes:

  • Up to a 20 Minute
    Walk or Visit
  • Refresh water bowl
  • Yummy biscuit & belly rubs!